Mini Donuts

Mini Donuts

Mini Donuts

Try our hot mini donuts made fresh to go! We have classic favorite toppings along with different sizes. Our products contains egg, milk, wheat, and soy.


We are Baby O's Donuts! We're a small family business and a food truck bringing hot fresh mini donuts, to you! Our services have expanded to personal delivery and catering.


Mini Donuts

Choose your favorite mini donuts! We have various toppings and packaging sizes. Let us know if you have any food allergies. Products (contains egg, milk, wheat, and soy).

Our Toppings

  1. Cinnamon Sugar
  2. Powdered Sugar
  3. Hot Glazed
  4. Churro Glazed
  5. Plain (No Topping)

How many mini donuts would you like?

  1. Small Cup - 4.50
    (6) Mini Donuts
  2. Medium Bucket - 7.50
    (12) Mini Donuts
  3. Large Bucket - 14.50
    (24) Mini Donuts

Our Menu

Catering Services

We're located at the Vacaville Premium Outlets & Travis Air Force Base in front of The Exhange. However, we'll be working at different locations for our upcoming events. We'll announce when we will not be at our original locations. If you are interested booking with us, then email us, please be specific regarding time, date, location, and guests.

If you would like for us to partcipate in a fundraiser or need us to donate, then we offer 10% of our sales, or donate $250 (whichever is the lowest). We do what we can to help, but we do not do more than 15% of our sales. We'll need a form from the organization, or school for donations.


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Feel free to ask us any questions related to our catering services and products. We'll be happy to answer you.